1. First you have got to decide WHY you are using Twitter. Do you want to build your company brand or generate leads? You may be a blogger who wants to share ideas and articles on Twitter? Your decision on how you want to use this platform will help you to decide who you want to follow and what information you want to share.

2. Focus on what’s important! You must share and tweet only about what’s important – What your business is about. To attract users who have similar interests it is vital that you stay within your chosen subject(s) and a strong theme to your Tweets really helps.

3. Share valuable content. Write for your particular clients and customers. What do they want to know? What do they ask you? Educate, inform and entertain them. That’s the point.

4. Use shortened links rather than full blown URLs. Bit.ly is good for this.

5. Engage. Talk to people directly by using @theirname. You’ll be surprised by the depth of relationships you can create here.

6. Ask questions. You can learn a lot from your followers!

7. Organise your connections into lists. This will make it much easier for you as your Twitter connections build, and enables you to check into conversations on a particular subject.

8. Tweet regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day (although that helps). Consistency is all. Check what people are saying about you often and reply promptly.

9. Don’t sell directly. This is not the place for a stream of high-pressure sales messages. Think of it as an online networking event instead. Promote your products / services occasionally but this should not be the main event. Far too many people get this wrong.

10. Include a link to your website or blog.